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I am a Certified Coach based in Sydney, Australia with an international background (France, US, UK, Singapore and Australia) and have worked in Sales, Consulting and Recruitment. As I have lived, therefore worked in different countries, I have been advising clients worldwide.

I empower clients to find a rewarding and successful career by helping them understand what has worked in the past and what would work for their new path. I am also a strengths finder. Have you been thinking about what you are not good at instead of what you excel at? Would you like to know how to pitch your background better during interviews? I have designed 3 comprehensive but simple coaching programs that are flexible as YOU decide what your goal is and where you want to take your career. 


Helping other coaches / entrepreneurs find their niche is also a service I provide. Coaching clients to  decide what services they can provide by understanding their own background and strengths gives me a thrill ! ​


Career Coaching

For professionals looking for a new path.

New Manager Coaching

For professionals wanting higher success in their current position.

Ace Your Interviews

For candidates, professionals, needing help getting ready for the job search.

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Virginie Pradenc - Cassidy

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Marie is a great professional. Her sensitivity and analytical finesse allow her to appreciate the challenges for each of her clients and candidates. Her human qualities combined with her expertise turn her into an experienced and dynamic professional. Thanks to her, I never felt alone as a job-seeker in Singapore.

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