Emilie Thoumoux (France)

Marie helped me at a time when I was unhappy with my job and was lost. I knew I wanted to give my life another direction and yet, I didn't know how to do it or which direction do go. Her commitment and attentiveness had a strong impact on me. She gave me confidence and coached me until I was on the new path of my career change.

Maeva Sauve.jpg

Maeva Sauve (Singapore)

Highly recommended! Marie is experienced and resourceful, she listens attentively and she asks the right questions to help you reflect. She holds a genuine interest in helping people and this journey with her has been such an eye-opener for me. I really wish I had partnered up with her much earlier on in my career!

Virginie Pradenc - Cassidy (Singapore)

Marie is a great professional. Her sensitivity and analytical finesse allow her to appreciate the challenges for each of her clients and candidates. Her human qualities combined with her expertise turn her into an experienced and dynamic professional. Thanks to her, I never felt alone as a job-seeker in Singapore.

Vetea Lucas (France)

I am clearly not the type who gives recommendations easily, so if I do it means truly something.
I recall when Marie called me 4 years ago trying to convince me to listen to her client (Sodexo) about an exciting opportunity they had open. I was reluctant at first but Marie was reinsuring and managed to convince me smoothly that my expectations were in line with what Sodexo was looking for.
I listened and finally accepted to meet with the Hiring Manager.
Now it's been almost 4 years I'm with Sodexo and even achieved to evolve internally which was one of my key criteria. No need to say that if I am where I am today, it is a bit thanks to Marie!
Thank you Marie for having found the right words to convince me to take that call! Thank you for having supported me through the process with good questions feeding my reflection. 
And what an energy!
If you have any doubt about what Marie can deliver to you. Don't! Trust me.
A grateful former client who would happily work again with Marie.

Daniel Lemos (Brazil)

It is rare you come across someone who will deeply understand your professional background based on her outstanding interview techniques and her professionalism, that will work the best opportunity that fits perfectly well with your experience and expectations and moreover who will support you in each and every stage of a hiring process and even afterwards like Marie. I had the pleasure of working with her in an international opportunity, where I was not only honourably represented during the entire process, but also coached and mentored until the conclusion of the whole process. I was particularly impressed with her standout talent, expertise, commitment and constant support. As a recruiter or as a team member, Marie earns my highest recommendations! 

Sofia Dome (Argentina)

Marie made her first contact by e-mail because my CV did not meet the European standard and she suggested how to improve it. I believe this was the key as other people could have discarded my CV, but she gave me an opportunity and I appreciate it. Once I modified my CV, she called me to verify my background. She was very polite each time we spoke, and though I live in Argentina she was available despite the time difference and communication difficulties. She went the extra mile so that I could show all my potential for the position and I got the job. However, her job did not stop there. She sent me a message before my first day in the company and even the day after to verify if everything met my expectations. I felt extremely confortable with her representation and I would recommend her, as she shortens whatever distance it might exist between her and the candidate. 


Stephanie d'Yve (Singapore)

The first time I met Marie was for my job research in Singapore. She gave me very goods advices and tips to understand the job’s market and updated my CV. Thanks to her I signed my contract in less than 2 month! She quickly understood my profile and my needs, followed my research and helped me to negotiated my contract


Lynda Mametz (Singapore)

I met Marie when I was looking for a job in Singapore. She is very professional and her strong interpersonal skills helped me to get easily connected to her. I trusted her from our first interview. She perfectly analysed my profile, understood my expectations and did not hesitate to share constructive advice to improve my resume. Her experience and commitment had a strong impact in my job search resulting of finding successfully my job in a short time frame.


Callie Deng (Singapore)

Marie, is a dynamic and energetic woman. People around her can be influenced by her enthusiasm. As a HR, she is serious and professional. Thanks to her, I found a job in Singapore at the first interview. She can help enterprises find the proper candidate. And for candidate, she gives sincere advices and suggestions. In all, Marie is a great woman to get along with, no matter in personal life or at work. All my best wishes to her!!