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Facilitation & Team Building

"Change your work culture from the top down"

Facilitation for high level teams

As a Certified Career Coach, I am partnering with Coaching Australia to support your Executives and Managers in their career growth.


We have very busy days, it has been hard for everyone to give themselves permission to reflect, take a step back and understand how to be a better leader in order to learn, adjust their behaviour, get feedback, enhance their listening skills and empower juniors to grow.

I have been training teams of leaders to become coaches to reach higher success and engagement. Coaching Australia has various programs adapted to your needs and expectations. A better culture drives employee engagement, which drives productivity and a stronger bottom line. 

Coaching  Australia ECCP Marie the coach.HEIC

Become a certified coach

I am partnering with Coaching Australia on the ECCP (Executive Coach Certification Program) to allow individuals to become a coach either for their current role or for a career transition. This program is over 5 months and with a mix of face to face and virtual learning, alone and in groups. Start your journey with us to enhance your skills and career. 

Marie The coach Facilitation and team building.HEIC

Team building

I am Gallup Certified and believe that anyone who knows and understands their strengths can thrive even more in their role or grow the confidence to ask for the right one. How many times have you asked yourself why you are not comfortable with your current role or with your past ones?


Have you taken the time to think about what drains you versus what energises you in your role ? It is possible that this role is mainly tapping on your blindspots, drainers and that you need time to understand how to adjust your career.


Working as a team can be difficult, lack of trust, lack of time, dedicating the wrong task to the wrong person, etc  what if you took time out of your busy calendar to allow your staff to grow confidence in themselves and their team and then debriefing in a fun exercise. 

The Gallup team building includes


Each team member will get a 1-1 90min debrief to discuss their 34 strengths and blindspot, with a strategy on how to move forward from now on and a pack shared later with resources to support them in their own growth.


There will also be a 2 hour Gallup team debrief (or more) with fun exercises solo, in pairs or average size groups. To be adapted to what the team needs.


Your team will be coming out with a strategy to work smarter together and having had a refreshing time laughing together as a group while challenging themselves to find solutions. 

​"Vibrant, knowledgeable, engaging. Marie brought such beautiful energy into the space, was great at keeping us to time, facilitating discussion and connecting with others to bring the group together. Thanks Marie for your insights and energy"

"Infectious passion and expertise. The tips and tricks and feedback were gold."
" Marie….the way you show up is beautiful. Your image is your brand and the colors you wear light up a room. Keep pushing us for ‘what else’, we’ll never forget it!!! The energy level was perfect. Great feedback and honesty"

"Marie is a warm person, an excellent coach and a good facilitator."


"Supportive, great energy. Brilliant at her job!"

"Great examples from her own coaching"

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