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Executive & Leadership Coaching

"Become the leader your team wants to follow and become"

Become the Leader Your Team Wants to Follow

Maybe you can relate to my Executive clients who will tell me...

"I am not aware of my strengths" 


"I don't know how to lead my team"


"It drains me to explain how I got to this strategy when I know it will work"


"I need help to communicate my ideas with the leadership team, but I am not a great communicator"


"I am unable to say no and my plate is full. I struggle to do my day to day"


"I am more of a problem solver than a leader as people come to me only with problems"

If this sounds familiar. If you find yourself using words like "overwhelmed", "alone", "stressed", "tired" and "drained" when you talk about work...

I hear you.

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Professional Coaching for Executives & Managers

I'm here to support you in this important step of your career when you need be straight to the point, shine through your strengths and talent.


As a Gallup and Hogan Certified Coach, I can help you debrief:


  • Your Strengths

  • ​Your Values

  • Your Derailers

Helping you understand how you react when faced with a stressful situation at work, and how your behaviour is perceived by others.

Execs, I hear you, how can you be at your best when your plate is always full ? it's important to stop and pause and work on what success really means so you can focus on the right tasks. Let's talk about avoiding the burn out and making you shine authentically and create the right brand building. 


A lot of my clients at the top have a mentor, a coach and a therapist. I absolutely love the support they have to be more successful and less overwhelmed in their role.

Giving you time to reflect and adjust the next steps according to your priorities. 

Tailored leadership coaching based on your unique strengths

My support for Executives is tailored to you and will usually be a mix of coaching and mentoring. The length of the program has been designed so your busy schedule doesn't get in the way of your success.


Gallup or Hogan Assessment


1.5hr assessment debrief 


Goal setting and mission statement 


Outcome focussed sessions


Action steps to keep you accountable

Please get in touch for a free chemistry meeting of 30 minutes so we can discuss your challenges, your current situations and your goals. 

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