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Career Coaching

"Empower yourself to find the right career path"

Expert Career Advice to Support Your Goals

I have coached over 100 professional from juniors to directors, MD, whatever titles you may have at the top. The top is lonely, but believe me, so is the start of a career.


My aim is to support your career, wherever you are and make sure that you have the right "action plan" to reach your goals your way. Many mentors will give you advice on what they've seen working at your level for years but maybe it didn't resonate with you because, well, we all learn and are different. Coaching will support you to find your own path.


Give yourself the permission to grow and take 1 hour every fortnight or so, to meet with me and debrief and brainstorm what success would like to you in the coming months.

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I will challenge you, we will laugh, you will grow! 


Helping You Find The Right Career Path

Sometimes, an industry has been attractive to you for many years and one day, you wake up wondering why you are still there, feeling stuck, maybe even feeling sick in the morning and suddenly you feel it... the disengagement, the unhappiness, the drop in your results, the lack of motivation... and may I say the B word? The burnout... 

You have no idea how many times someone started the coaching with "btw Marie, I think I'm going to quit" or "I have an offer but I don't know why I can't accept it, it's not even about the money" or "I need a change, for myself, I'm very unhappy in my current role" or "I already quit, I couldn't take it anymore, can you support me in my new path" or "I just quit to take on a new role, can you support me to be successful" and so much more....

I am here to be your sounding board, grow your confidence and help you understand your strengths, blindspots and teach you to be aware of what works and what doesn't. I will guide you in a way that works for you, in your professional challenges. 

Tailored career guidance based on your unique strengths

Coaching programs are designed to include professional assessments that we will debrief together to grow your confidence and awareness. Whether you are employed or looking for a new job, we'll follow the below framework:


Gallup or Hogan Assessment


1.5hr assessment debrief 


Goal setting and mission statement 


Outcome focussed sessions


Action steps to keep you accountable

Marie has been an excellent coach who made a significant impact on my professional development and overall effectiveness as a leader. Marie facilitated the goal setting sessions and made me put in strategic thinking in doing so. Your guidance and energy in

helping me reaffirm my strengths and areas of development enabled me to leverage my strengths more effectively and proactively work on areas that need improvement. Thanks Marie for all your support and guidance.

Today's session was really a review of what had been achieved over the last few months. It really highlighted to me the benefit I have gained from this and Marie's expertise to bring

out the best in me.


Marie is awesome, there were so many 'a-ha' moments and I feel like I have a very valuable toolset now.

I've really valued the time spent with Marie. She is an excellent coach who really went above and beyond to understand my circumstances and how to best support me to be the best leader I can be. I cannot rate Marie highly enough! 15 of out 10!


 Thanks a lot Marie. You were amazing and I will definitely miss working with you

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