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You're getting interviews - but are you ready?

You have finally made it to the hard step, catch someone's attention for a job interview. Was it your resume? your pitch? who knows but congrats! This is always great to know you've been noticed. Unfortunately, sometimes, the hardest part is getting a call for a 2nd round. How can you impress your interviewer?

There are times when you put pressure on yourself to find the next role, you get interviews but you don't really want the job... other times when you also wish to change your job and click apply to every similar jobs, even if you hate it, just to get a call and prove something to yourself or others that love to put pressure on you (for no good reason).

Have you asked yourself why? Not the "whyyyy aren't they calling me back" but really "why am I not getting to the next stage? Have I said something wrong without noticing?"

A few questions that you can ask yourself, they seem simple but take the test:

- Did you really prepare for the interview?

- Did you research the people who were interviewing you?

- Did you ask questions? In some cultures, not asking questions can be viewed as a bad sign "was (s)he not that interested in the end?"

- Did you ask yourself why this company sounds like a good step for you and what you want to achieve there?

- Did you think about if you this company puts an offer in front of you but you also have other leads, is this really the one you want to join and why? (even your future employer does not wish to be your second choice, believe me)

- Did you come with a note pad and a pen? You have no idea how many candidates came interview with me with nothing and then ended up taking a creased paper out of their bag or pocket and asked me for my pen (baaaad impression, sorry guys)

Next time you go to an interview, have some of those questions/tips in mind, and check that it actually is the right step for you so Ace Your Interviews.

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