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When do you know you need a change?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Close you eyes, take a deep breath, empty your mind and ask yourself the following questions. It is not a test, it is literally for you to reflect on your own situation and where you are professionally. Do you need a change and you don't even know it yet ? Let's explore the possibilities together:

1) When you go home in the evening and you reflect on your day, how do you feel ?

2) When you think about what you have accomplished in the last 6 months at work, do you feel excited ? disappointed ? you don't even remember ?

3) Are you satisfied with the steps that you have taken toward your career in the last years and when you think of where you would like to be, do you feel like you are on the right path ?

4) When you think of a successful career, what does it mean to you ? Have you reached it ?

Everyone will have different answers, and there are no right or wrong. It might depend on the day you just had or it might also depend on how you feel at this very moment when you read my lines.

Let me tell you one sure thing. If you have negative answers for at least 3 of those questions if not the 4. It is time for you to look at what you need to make that change happen.

I would be happy to help you go through this difficult period, brainstorm together and find out where you should start and where you should be at the end of our coaching sessions. I want to make sure that when you ask yourself those questions again, the answers are positive or an active work in progress.

It is hard to reflect on where we want to be when we feel stuck, a lot of my candidates when I worked in recruitment were not sure of where they wanted to go next or what was the right step but since we had a good relationship, they trusted me to help them reach their goal and I am happy to many success stories to share with you. Those can be dark days but you are not alone.

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