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I want to give a big shout out to my high level clients who have found it hard to juggle time management, boundaries and much more at the end of 2022. It sure looks like they worked on how to do things differently for themselves in 2023 and are all set for success.

Yes, it is just the start but when you started to do things differently for yourself like: cleared your schedule from meetings where you are not needed, organised yourself better in just a month a half and draw the right boundaries it means that:

- It was a need that had to be fed

- Putting so much change at the beginning of the year means big awareness

- Coaching brought you that space to think about things differently

One of my clients started doing things differently in the new year as she quickly realised, through coaching, that some changes needed to happen in order to be more successful and have more time with her family in 2023. She isn't the only one who told me this since the start of 2023 and I couldn't be prouder of all of them.

Various clients told me that now they became coaches rather than a mentors to their leads as they wanted them to grow th right way. Now this is a statement to be proud of from your clients!

During a session with a client, she laughed and told me "when people come to me now, I am looking at where the monkey is going" do you know what I mean ? - my answer was the following... "not at all" hahah - I mean did you get it ?

She then shared with me that she had read this article about time management "who's got the monkey". Long story short, when someone comes to you with a problem, they tell you about it, put the monkey on your back, then leave. You are then stuck with the monkey and need to dedicate time to feed the money. That time is taking you away from your duties and then messing up your own time management...You end up feeding other people's monkeys, that stay on your back and you cannot get any work done!

This article from HBR was out the 1st time in November-December 1974. It looks like we have still work to do guys...

I want you to think about 3 things:

- How many monkeys do you currently have on your back?

- Are they yours to feed ? or should they go back to their rightful owner ?

- How much time are you spending feeding them?


How did you go ?

How are you feeling?

No honestly, take a minute to think about it ...

If the answer is "gosh... too many monkeys to feed" let me tell you a hard truth... it's time to get rid of the zoo guys !

Are you able to get rid of the zoo by yourself in order to concentrate on YOUR priorities?

If getting rid of the monkeys is too difficult, get in touch! We'll make them run away from your back and desk!

Personal story:

3 years ago, I decided to work on my self-development and put clear boundaries in order to concentrate on my own professional and personal development, even a year after this work, my friends could not get over how much I changed and did well for myself without being to drained by feeding other people's monkeys! Up to this day, I rarely break my own boundaries and keep those damn monkey's off my back!

When will YOU start ?

Here's the article for you to review, what are your thoughts on the matter?

See you soon?

Start saying goodbye to those monkeys!

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