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It’s that time of the year…

Reflection time !! Give yourself a tap on the back, you have made it to (almost) the end of 2022. I'm sure this year has been tough, amazing, challenging, rewarding and whatever it was for you, now is the right time to think about:

- What has worked well for you in 2022?

- What can you replicate in order to be successful?

- What should you leave behind as it did not add anything to your success? (creating that awareness on what didn't work can also be useful to you, let's not repeat the same mistakes twice).

But most of all, what do you ought to do differently in order to thrive in 2023?

Goal setting isn’t for everyone for sure but it doesn’t mean that you can't aim for success and break the steps down in your own way.

I always like a good story time...

In 2022, I embarked the one of the biggest challenges: motherhood! long nights, days, swift adaptation, challenging my thinking, drive, motivation and so on. It's just been so rewarding and tiring but I am so happy to be where I am. I thought going back to work would be this impossible journey and like everyone else before me and after me, I rose to the challenge and am amazed by my son's milestones and what I was able to still achieve for myself & my business in a different type of year. I think that even if challenging at times, there must be a way for us, women, somehow, to redefine our definition of success and feel rewarded. It can be by:

- Being off work for a bit,

- Reducing our clients load,

- Being a full time mom & wife & entrepreneur

- Breaking down the steps of what success is in order to find joy in each steps

- Looking at success through other lens in order to see what we are actually achieving everyday ...

My mom told me that when I was 5 or 6 years old, I caught the chickenpox, she was a single parent, working part time and trying to make everything work. Tough times but that's what it was. While i was in bed, sick, I looked at her and thanked her for taking care of me. She still talks about it as one of the best reward & touching moments. In the tough times, whatever they are, we are so focused on the feelings of the moment that we forget to see what we are accomplishing even if it is different.

I want you to take a pause and think hard about 2022 and what 2023 should look like.

For me, the reflection will continue in Jan during my holidays but I am already thinking about:

- Adding more Gallup services for teams, 1-1 and making it a statement that everyone should know their strengths

- Upscaling my business

- Joining "Coaching Australia" as a trainer and grow in that role

- Taking the Hogan certification in May 2023

- Continue my Polish classes on Fridays

- Continue to take some Fridays for some "me time"

- Keep grabbing the opportunities when they arise

- Spend time with my son and see him grow

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and will see you next year.

A bientôt, See you soon...

Coaching will start again for me in Feb 2023 :-)

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