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The job search - Interview tips

What do you need for a smoother job search?

- Be more confident?

- Know how to pitch yourself?

- Know how to actually prepare for those interviews?

What can help & support you?

- Gallup Strengths Assessment -> debrief it with your favourite career coach to understand your strengths and how you've been using them

- Own your strengths and know how to apply them to the next role -> Compare them with various job descriptions

- Make sure you track all the jobs you applied to, with a date, the titles and save the job descriptions in case they get deleted

People tend to focus more in their weaknesses than their strengths and get stressed during interviews. Do you tend to:

- Forget how to pitch your background?

- Forget your accomplishments?

- Not really hear the questions because you are wondering what went wrong with the last answer? (move on and do better at the next one! all good, you've got this!)

Still unsure about how to get yourself ready?

No problem, sit back and relax, I have your back. I used to be a recruiter and love to prepare clients the right way for their interviews. Making sure that you are authentic, confident and celebrate your accomplishments while doing so.

Wondering what a process look like? Check out some of my recommendations:

See you soon?

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