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Strengths Coaching - what will it bring you ?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

I have always been a believer that when people know more about their strengths they thrive faster because they know what they do well. We have all heard from some teachers or anyone that was not too wise, what we do not do well instead of what we are actually doing really well. Isn't it nice sometimes to focus on the opposite to feel better? Focus on the positives !

I have always liked to spot people's strengths and what they did well. I wanted to have an international framework that is recognised everywhere. I found it in Gallup. I know that there are many other things around strengths but this one spoke to me.

After years of research, Don Clifton believed that there are 34 strengths that we are strong in and that depending on our habits, education and vision of the world, they appear in a different order. It is great to see people's reactions when they do it:

- OMG Marie so I'm not crazy, I'm just tapping on my strengths

- Did my parents write to Gallup to give them the report I got ?

- How did I not realise this before ?

- Those are strengths ? I am great at something then, had no idea [...]

And the list truly goes on. You will get:

- Confidence in yourself

- Awareness on how you have been using hem

- Happiness to finally see that you too, are damn good at many things!

Would you like to get clarity on what you are great at? Get in touch! I'll create that "aha moment" that you didn't know you needed:

See you soon? I got my cuppa!

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