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Prioritising and Time Management - last quarter

3 months until the end of they year... how are you feeling?

It's time to make sure that you do not get a burn-out and also that you reach the goals you had planned for yourself at the beginning of the year. Where are you at?

Let's start with prioritising and time management. By this time in a lot of companies, the last quarter is making everyone stressed and working longer hours to reach goals. Is working more the solution or should you think about working smarter and more efficiently ?

In some industries it will be tough but not impossible. I always hear that when you work in consulting it is impossible to get a work life balance but I've seen so many people working around it to make it happen and still acing their professional goals...

When I worked in London, one of my colleagues gave me the best advice ever, he had made for himself this day plan with different clients that he worked for and he had given himself a specific amount of time for each tasks. What he told me is "Wherever you are in that task, if by the time you're supposed to be done you're not, if not that urgent, drop it so you can also get something else done". I struggled with this but every time I became stricter with my time, like he taught me, it paid off. I find myself doing this with personal things too and it does help a lot. Not surprised that this guy is now rocking his own recruitment agency in the US.

What are you missing in order to be more successful in your time management?

- Are you unorganised ?

- Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to get done?

- Are you so swamped with internal and external meetings that it's hard to get things done?

- Are you allowing people to add things in your calendar at all times instead of putting boundaries?

- Are you experiencing some burn-out signs and feeling the pressure?

What others did:

- You can check your day every morning and prioritise what is really important

- You can make a list so you can check things off

- You can make the same day plan as my friend and be stricter in your routine

- You can have a chat with your manager to reclassify actual priorities

- You can take a bit of time off if you are experiencing the burn-out and have reached your limits, you'll come back fresher

- You can decide that it's time to draw boundaries so you get the right time to organise yourself

-You can also check if every meeting you have to attend really requires your presence

After reading this, if you think that a sounding board, an accountability partner is actually what you need, get in touch! We'll work together on the right solutions for you and there may be more than one!

Keen to find out? Get in touch!

See you soon?

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