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My learnings of the last year(s) on my 32nd birthday

Since I started my company, coaching has allowed me to reflect more, think deeper and enabled me to keep on challenging myself.

I want to share some of those things with you, hoping that they will resonate with you or help you do things differently when needed:

- It is okay to try new things and let them go if it doesn't work for you

- Until a year ago, I was in that phase of helping everyone that reached out, every time they asked for help, even if it took all my energy from me - bottom line is, I taught myself to say no and I feel so much better ! Now if my plate is full, I just say no and I do not need to explain why beside "my plate is full"

- Checking-in regularly with myself and seeing the signs early for a needed break to avoid a burn out

- Putting my health first as it is a must (I always put work 1st then health, no can't do anymore)

There was so much learning lately but I definitely cannot list everything. I also want to tell you about what I learnt from 3 people I loved that passed away in the last 2 years:

- Your choices are your own, make the ones that work for you and own them, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

- Positivity, smiling is always an amazing medicine, even in tough times, not to drown (I am the woman who reminds people at funerals that I want to remember the great memories shared together and celebrate people's lives)

- Laughter is always a great pick-me up. When my aunt passed away in Jan 2020, I called my uncle, her husband, a few times to check on him until he passed, he had reached rock bottom but even then, him & I laughed pretty hard at every calls (this always was our relationship, even with our 64 years of difference)

- On my 32nd birthday (this Monday), a friend of mine was incinerated after fighting cancer for a few years, she turned 30 just a few days before leaving us. She LOVED life and every time we saw each other or talked, we laughed so much, we had made plans for her to come see me after covid...

My lessons learnt in the last 2 years are that we should stay true to who we are, enjoy life and be reminded or be open to really see what we have and make the most of it. I will link that to a few coaching comments:

- Take a look at your career, do you really enjoy it ? If the answer is no, take action

- If your boss is driving you nuts, blocking your progression, and stressing you out, well you might find a better company that celebrates your strengths, take action

- If you can't stand people you work with, take action

- If you have been stuck in a vicious circle of a routine for years, lying to yourself, thinking it will get better but it never did, take action !

Life is amazing, it's a gift, let's make sure that we are recognised for what we do and that we make the choice to be in a place where people see it, so we can celebrate what we do everyday through the happiness of doing something we love !

See you soon?

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1 Comment

Thank you for the reminder Marie. Loosing people we love is hard, every time. I'm sure they would be so proud their learnings are your learnings now in life. xxx

(and a little belated: Happy Birthday!)

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