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Improve yourself from home - 3 ways to make the confinement bearable

Updated: May 18, 2020

Do you often want to get some things done either for yourself personally or professionally but you actually never get time to do them? It's done to prioritising what you actually want to get done right? If you have to chose between taking a bath, watch a tv Serie on Netflix or doing admin, we know which one gets at the bottom of that To Do list. I thought I could give you ideas of things I've started to do during the confinement, or told my friends to do (not everyday...) to inspire you.

Crossing out your To Do lists:

Are you always making To Do lists of important things that you want to get done during the evening or over the week-end but you actually never do them? Maybe like me, you live far from your family and friends and over the week-end you take this free time to catch-up with them ? or maybe the only To Do list you cross (just like me) is your grocery shopping list...When you weight "going for 1 with the mates" and "working on my linkedIn" your choice is always the first one right? Well, good news!!! You have the luxury of being confined and have been given (for some of us) the gift of time. I suggest you take those old To Do lists out of your drawer or your phone and seriously have a go at it. Alright, here's how it's going to work:

- Put your To Dos in priorities

- Get a schedule that literally means an alarm on your phone and make yourself do it.

- Cross out all (or most) of them while we are all confined (it's alright I heard we had months ahead of us..). 

Updating your CV and LinkedIn:

Have you been wanting to change jobs for a while? Are you not looking forward to go to work but you have no choice because you need to pay the bills? Take this time to update your resume, your linkedIn, take some new photos (even with your phone) and turn on the "open to opportunities" on LinkedIn. Ask your friends if they can take 15 minutes of their day to tell you what they think of your CV and what they think your strengths are so you can prepare your pitch for when the time comes. Here you go, you are already one step closer to the next professional step. You can schedule it and say that every 2 days, you spend 30 minutes on a section of your resume and linkedIn. You will renew everything in no time.

Learning new skills online:

Have you been wanting to learn new skills but never find the right time? Now is the time to make it happen. I have been taking certifications online for a while, whenever I can, just to improve myself, my career, and get excited about learning something new I picked for myself. I have used many websites but one I really enjoy is "" you can find certifications for a different things like marketing, communications and from different schools and professionals. Depending on what you are after, have a look this might give you more credibility for the next job interview when you apply. It might not give you the full experience but show that you took an interest in a particular industry or topic that you wish to add to your career.

Here are some photos of me during an online webinar a few weeks ago.

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