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I never had a career plan, did you ?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

OOOH the other million dollar question. I often get this affirmation from clients and I have to say "ME EITHER" and so what ? When I share it, I can see my client's body language going to a more relaxed one - shoulders going down with some relief in their face...

Some people are very aware, from an early age, of what would make them happy. Great if they have been able to find out what will give them a meaningful career.

From what I can recall, as a child I wanted to be:

- a singer

- an actor

- a lawyer

- a archeologist

- someone working internationally with different cultures but with no actual plan !

The last one is the one that stuck ahah, each to their own! I have seen so many people with a plan that never worked and who got depressed afterwards, wondering what they did wrong, maybe it was just not the right plan to start with...

In my 2nd Masters' degree class, on our last day, our head teacher asked us what we planned to do with our careers. Everyone had an answer like "I'll join the family business" or "I'll be a buyer", "I'll be a sales manager" blablabla "Marie ?" - "Hum I plan to work internationally and work in English, that's it" haha seriously though... what do you think of my plan ? haha not the best, gotta admit but hey! I made it didn't I ?

Why is it okay not to have this defined plan ?

- 1st because if you fail at that plan that you always wanted, the fall is even harder !

- It's okay to go with the flow sometimes and grab opportunities

- You will be able to create a wider network that will help /support you when needed (instead of people pressuring you and asking you where you're at with that plan)

Have you had people around you that have been trying to get to their goal and never did because they really can't push themselves to try something out of the box, away from their current path, because it is too scary?

What a lot of people don't tell you and that I heard through my years in recruitment and since I became a coach : a lot of leaders never had a career plan, they grabbed opportunities, got lucky enough to get mentor that gave them a shot, proved themselves, got up the ladder and now wonder what's next ! I had leaders telling me that they had an entire different career before not even in management for a big company, leaders telling me that someone took a chance on them even though they did not have the right training, certification or whatever they needed but someone had their back and they are now at the top. Have you ever heard those stories? did you know that ?

I think that society pushes you to think that it should be one way, one path but it doesn't have to be. When you hear all of those stories and maybe you think it's too late, trust me, it's not ! A path can be changed whenever and you are the master of your own destiny!

During may mat leave I have partnered with 2 amazing coaches, if you want to start coaching with us, get in touch !

See you soon?

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