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I have a growth mind - do you?

Hi guys, boy, has it been a while since my last post! We have been in lockdown for a while here in Sydney, NSW and I feel like the weeks just go by so fast... It has been over 3 months now maybe even 4... BUT I am quite happy to have worked on my growth mindset!

My work is 100% online and I am able to manage my days how I want. I am also able to study what I want, when I want may it be coaching programs or languages.

Last year, during the Wbecs Summit, I attended a chat with David Peterson and David Goldsmith. Little did I know that I would be, a year later, entering my 3rd program with them in 2021... what a year ! The learning & knowledge I got from those different programs has definitely changed the game for me. My coaching, is more interesting and my calendar has been full, it's hard to add peer coaching in there unless it comes with one of my programs.

I have loved experimenting with clients, challenging them, stretching them and myself to make sure they reach their goals and get the outcomes they wanted all along.

Have you realised, how things don't change overnight because it is part of creating a new mindset? Taking things slow and accepting the changes coming your way is important.

Have you been stuck, in a vicious circle for a while, wondering why you always go down to the same rabbit hole? Wondering what is wrong and why you can't solve it? Let me tell you 1 thing: You need external help, accept a change a mindset, growth mindset actually and trust the process.

The new program I am starting is called Virtuoso, an elite program for a few coaches, created by the Davids. Thanks @ChipMcFarlane for dropping my name and expanding my growth mindset for end of 2021 and 2022. The program starts next week, I am sooooo excited!

If you want to work on expanding your growth mindset, make a change in your career and be proud of what you have accomplished so far, reach out for a chemistry meeting! Let's get coaching and make it fun!

See you soon?

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