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How the 4 tendencies quiz gave me more awareness

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Have you heard about or done the "4 tendencies" quiz from Gretchen Rubin? I listened to one of her talks with ICF, a while back and really enjoyed it so I decided to take it. She talks about 4 tendencies and here are the "categories" where you may find yourself:

  • Upholders: want to know what should be done.

  • Questioners: want justifications.

  • Obligers: need accountability.

  • Rebels: want freedom to do something their own way.

When I did it a year and a half ago, it as it helped me reflect on what it is that I do well or that is part of my routine! I scored as an Upholder which means that "I do what others expect of me—and what I expect from myself" I actually thought I would be an Obliger but when I look at the definition, the thing is ... I never want to let myself down as it is too important to also think about oneself in order to live a balanced life. Someone commented on my quiz result by saying "Oh you do not sacrifice yourself the way I do then" and I thought "well if helping others to you means that you are sacrifying yourself then, some work needs to be done". We are all different after all.

What is an Upholder:

- Wanting to know what's on the list today and not let down others or oneself

- Being self-directed and easily meeting commitments, keeping resolutions, or hitting deadlines

- Liking routine -> so if it applied to sport, you can download a pedometer to track how much you walk (I love that)

What the Upholder definition helped me realise is this:

- I do make lists and hit my targets every year even though they are high sometimes

- I did get an Apple Watch for my 29th bday to track my sport activity and have downloaded a pedometer to track my steps

- I have always kept commitments unless unreasonable and enjoy meeting deadlines (I find it exciting to cross it off the list too)

It's interesting to reflect with this test and get awareness of things that you do without even realising. I found it pretty helpful to gain more awareness on the things that are in my routine and the way that I think throughout the year.

So what about you ? what is your tendency and what did it help you realise ?

Share it with us and tell us what it is that you will commit to do differently now that you gained new awareness on your way of thinking or doing things ?

See you soon?

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