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Freeing your mind - 3 ways to make the confinement bearable

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Today, yesterday, last week and even tomorrow, are starting to look the same as we have been confined for a month or so. It is not always easy to cope with the idea of not being able to go out as much as we did but we are all in this together and we are saving lives by staying at home.

Are you feeling a bit negative some days because of everything you see on social media, on the news, stressing over your family, friends, loved ones getting sick ? How about making your day a bit more positive? It won't work everyday but let's try.

I thought I could share with you things that I never took the time to do everyday and that I have started to do since I've been confined. Our personal situations are all different, I am an entrepreneur with no kids so of course, it might be easier for me to do some of this but this can help you too.  

Sports from home:

Okay I really don't like sports... no no, really... just thinking about putting sports clothes on and sweat for 30 minutes or more kills me before it even happened! One month ago, I realised that if we were going to be stuck at home for months, it meant that I would eat more and have an extra Gin & Tonic from Thursday to Saturday. So I told myself to stop making excuses and to get over it. We've all seen that episode of friends where Ross and Chandler both have a membership that they pay for and never enjoy, well that could have been me if the confinement never happened. I got sports into my routine: I start my days with some yoga on the "daily yoga" app and I start my evenings with the "Sweat" app. I don't think I'm letting that go as I feel way better and lost some weight (which has been my goal for a while).

Reading more:

When the year started, I copied one of my friend's NY resolution and decided to read more in 2020. I have been reading one book in French, one book in English and going on and on like this to exercise my brain. If you have book that you recommend please don't hesitate to let me know or comment below. I would to know about what you have been reading and why you enjoyed it.

Cooking more:

I love cooking, I find it so peaceful and I love the creativity. I have been trying a lot of new recipes as my husband is working from home, therefore I had to get more creative. Lately I have been making different kind of breads and it's been quite fun, mainly because since we just moved to a new country and the confinement started, I don't know where to find good bread haha.

Depending on who is counting on your during the confinement: kids? partner? parents? grandparents? It might not be easy for you to do all of them or even any of them BUT ask yourself this: Am I stressed during my confinement? Why? Am I happy in my current life? Try do draw at list of things that help you free your mind and at least try to do 1 a week, every other day and everyday, then see how you feel afterwards. If you want to keep this going after the confinement and include it in your routine, how about putting an alarm on your phone to make sure you do it? or writing down what you did today and how well it made you feel afterwards. Track your progress and see how peaceful, relax, revived you feel if you take a bit of time JUST for you every week. Do not hesitate to tell me if it worked for you and how you improved yourself. Please find below a photo of my last breads for inspiration.

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