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Covid & mid-year, are you taking a break?

I don't know about you but I usually take about 3 weeks off in the summer to go back to Europe. Due to covid, it won't be possible, we actually can't even leave Australia at all (I want to settle it down with all my friends asking me when I am coming back this year haha sorry guys)! After a move to a new country, building my business from scratch, expanding my network, thanks to webinars etc it has been so busy that I didn't even realise I needed a break. It feels like we are all waiting for this madness to be over, to travel again, to reconnect with loved ones and feel free but it will not happen right away. Our mind is set in a future that 

seems unreal because we have no deadline to the end of the pandemic.  

What happens when we put our mind back in the present again? We realise that there is no real break while we work from home. The days are long, they look the same, it's hard to catch a break isn't it? (I'm sorry what day is it today?) 

For those of you who are stuck at home and can't really go anywhere, how are you dealing with the lack of holidays, break? I hope you are looking for creative ideas to catch your breath. 

I'll tell you how I ended up taking a break, what I did, hoping that it will help you too.

I started feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I've done in the last months. The worse was the month of June, it's been so busy that I feel like I blinked and we were already in July haha seriously scary. I then realised that we had been in Australia for 6 months and that our European holidays had been cancelled but that we didn't take a break anyway. Long story short, we took a 6 day-break and even if it wasn't enough, it was very much needed.

Are you hoping so much to be able to travel soon that you are not taking a holiday? Have you been working so much that you get lost in the days, weeks, months? Take 5 minutes to assess the last 8 months... How are you really feeling?

  • Are you actually exhausted?

  • Did you start to suffocate at home because you spend too much time there?

  • Every little changes at work are just too much at the moment and are annoying you?

  • You started to realise even more how your current job is not for you?

  • After realising this, you just start to wonder how you can make some changes but you keep pushing it to later?

Everyone's situation those days is different, but if you have been stuck for a few months with a feeling of "no way out", here is my advice:

Take 2 to 3 days off and include the week-end so you get 5 days off, I reckon you will feel so much better. Get yourself to a massage, a facial or to the gym, what about finding some great shows on Netflix and chill so you can relax and catch a break. Go shopping, get some craft work done, take time for YOURSELF. It hasn't been easy for all of us but we are all in this together.

Regarding your job, I have heard it from friends and clients: the pandemic confirmed it, the current one is not working out. If you too want to figure out what could be next, schedule a chemistry meeting with me and let's figure out what your next career move could be:

Let's make sure that when September comes, you start it with a clear mind.

Below, you will find a photo of my 6 day-holiday in Bowral in NSW, so relaxing...

Speak soon.

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