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Coaches, Entrepreneurs, feeling lonely? Get creative!

When I launched my career coaching business, I heard many coaches, entrepreneurs, saying how this was a bit of a lonely journey. I have to say that I didn't mind it at all but probably because my husband is working from home, so setting-up my business at home was pretty good. I did wonder how else I could learn from others and grow a network?

- I attended a lot of webinars and networked with other coaches that attended the same webinars afterwards

- I increased my hours of peer coaching and met people worldwide

- I registered to more trainings (Gallup, ACE from Wbecs...)

In August 2020, I decided to join LHH, another pool of colleagues, coaches on different journeys. It has been great to meet more people locally and call, text or meet them face to face. I have almost always worked online and never got to meet everyone I worked with and I do not mind at all but meeting in person is always great.

If your journey feels a bit lonely, get creative and ask yourself:

- What can I do to feel less lonely?

- What can I do to meet other professionals in my field?

- What do I need to do differently to meet more people and extend my network?

- How many hours do I want to dedicate to this weekly? monthly?

It sounds simple but those are questions that you need to ask yourself at the start so you don't end up feeling alone in what you do and lose motivation...

For my part, I proposed a lunch to some of my colleagues in December and it was great to get out of the house and meet them up for wine and lunch. I suggest you do the same if you can :)

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