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August tiredness ... Can you relate ?

Hi guys, well I thought I would write a post about what I've been seeing lately as I think you might relate without even realising.

In the last month I've been having conversations with 90% of my clients feeling:

- Exhausted

- Lack of motivation / focus

- Mentally charged

- Work load being crazy

- Looking for something to drive energy back to them

I honestly want to check in with you and see how YOU are feeling. Are you experiencing similar things?

- Waking-up tired ?

- Rolling out of bed for meetings ?

- In a need of a holiday ?

- Not taking enough breaks ?

- Wondering if you're going to be burnt out by year end ?

- Not even aware of all of this because your workload it taking all your mental space ?

If you've been nodding or even stopped reading for a bit because you are actually getting the awareness on your own situation... I want you to do the following thing:

- Check your calendar and make sure you have enough breaks, even high-up in the company, you are allowed to take a breather

- Take 5-10 minutes and check where you get your positive energy from and check if you can add more of this in your schedule

- Do you get up during the day? Do you have the right set up at home? If you can afford it, try to adapt a few things so it works better for yourself

- Check-in with yourself at the end of the day, if you think you didn't do anything because you spend your time putting out fires, write down what you have actually done - trust me you've been busy!

- Do you have a hobby outside of work that you can do or that takes your mind off things?

If you need someone to be your sounding board through those tough times, get in touch for a chemistry meeting, I'd love to help you navigate these though times. 2020 was tough, 2021 is no better but you can do things differently for yourself.


What I did for myself:

- In terms of settings, I got myself a standing desk allowing me to do calls standing (see photo below)

- I do yoga in the morning as I get energy from it

- I meditate between calls to empty my mind when needed

- I go for a walk after lunch and in the evening

- I had to put a break in the afternoon in my calendar or I would keep working and feel drained in the evening...

What about you? What can you share with us to help others?

See you soon?

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