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Are you a strategic person ?

I have realised during coaching, how so many of my clients are frustrated because their peer, team, manager, or people they work directly with do not follow their way of thinking as easily as it comes to them. I have also realised how most of them are highly strategic and those traits described above are 100% a blindspot in the Strategic of Gallup Strengths!

Here is what it is: If you are a strategic thinker then congrats, building strategies which sounds TOUGH for a lot of people is actually easy and therefore you are a great asset to ANY team. Our strengths though, while being amazing, do have blindspots, are you aware of how this can plan on you ?

Let's have a quick look:

- Are you able to see a way forward pretty fast?

- Are you able to see all the aspects of this strategy, even what could go wrong?

- You analyse it so fast that you know there is NO other way, no need to ask others?

- Everyone else is taking too much time to see how good your strategy is...

Here is how to deal with it a bit differently, so it doesn't end up draining you:

- Take time to really explain why this should be the strategy so people can follow you

- It might ask you a bit (okay a lot sometimes) of patience & preparation but if you don't "waste" a bit of your time getting everyone up to speed you will lose

- Explain all the scenarios if needed so people can understand that this is the best way

- Be ready to spend a bit more time explaining further steps to other team mates and be challenged just because people can't see all the steps as clearly as you do

As a strategic person what has helped you deal better with that amazing strengths ?

If you need help to see how this can be applied, let's get coaching!

See you soon ?

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