Graduate Program

Graduate Program 

Do you need help to prepare for your job search? Does getting ready feel like a daunting task?

Be one of the 2 lucky ones

Hey there grad, was it hard to put yourself through university, college, business school? You did it all alone? You need some extra help?

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Coaching & Mentoring

Did you just graduate and feel on the edge of your glory because you finally get to start your career? Only...when you think about it, you feel stressed, anxious, scared as a few things might be in your way:

- Don't know what job you should start your career with?

- Do you feel lost about how to present your resume?

- Don't know how to present yourself into an interviewer ?

- The thought of interviewing makes your hand sweat?







I am delighted to announce that I offer to coach and mentor 2 graduates for the start of their career and help them free of charge to make sure they start their career right. In order to be considered, you may send me an email with the following:

- A cover letter with your WHYs [why should you be considered, why do you need help, and your motivation]

- An updated resume

This can be done in English or in French depending on your preference.


1st step: sending the email with your WHYs

2nd step: if shortlisted, you will get an email to schedule a video call

3rd step: if selected, you will get a confirmation email to start your journey with me

Be one of the 2 lucky ones

What my mentees say

Sara Bennouna

  • LinkedIn

Not only have I found in Marie a supportive colleague and a trusting supervisor, but she was a real mentor to me. Marie always trusted me and encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and be confident, at all times. The career and professional advice she provided were accurate, genuine and insightful, because they were drawn upon her own experience and expertise. Marie took the time to listen to me and understand my vision and career objectives ; she is  passionate and excels at empowering others, which is truly inspiring. I believe that it is also thanks to her that I got where I am today.

Jenna Elin

  • LinkedIn

Marie was my manager during my internship in Singapore. She was very understanding and patient and allowed me to grow professionally and personally. Marie has an amazing personality, various professional experience, and intercultural exposure that she can take advantage of to help you reach your goals and take ownership of your own success.


CV / LinkedIn 

Let's adapt them to the opportunities that match your profile 

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Selling yourself for the first job isn't easy, let's get you ready

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