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How do you track your own success ?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Hey guys, with the last years and having to learn how to manage everything online, it has been tough to put yourself 1st and see / analyse, acknowledge and celebrate your own success hasn't it ? There is no difference between your office and your living room or kitchen... man, it's been a tough one.

I have to say that doing Gallup really helped me see how I do not track my own success.

When I look at my "learner" strength, it is in my top 10 and this is very much about loving to learn but being more excited about the process than the outcome. In 2021, I have done so many certifications and when September came, I had aced many of them and in one of my self reflection, I realised that instead of thinking "wow you have done a lot, how will you apply this new knowledge now in order to test drive it" my natural instinct was "Where else can I register to get more knowledge and be excited about the journey" Oh man! Once I realised that, I actually stopped myself from registering ANYWHERE ELSE !!!! "this was 100% a aha moment for me".

I took a breather to absorb what I had learnt and what I wanted to do with it. I also took time to celebrate around my birthday, I took my friends out for drinks and paid the bill. For me this was such a nice way to celebrate my success and include them in it, it felt amazing ! I also treated my hubby to some nice restaurants, I participated to 1 third of the new car we got with my company savings, it was very satisfying.

When you keep changing countries, one person in the relationship has it harder than the other one, in their career. Moving to Australia was tough for me as I wondered how it would all come together AGAIN. It has worked really well but not without sweat, doubts and hard work.

I am still not the best at tracking my success but I really do try in order to reflect and gain awareness as I don't want to keep running to the next thing without enjoying what I have now.

What about you ? What would help you track how well you have done ?

If you want to pause, take a breather and gain awareness... Get in Touch !

See you soon ?

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