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Choose Leadership VS Leadersheep

I had discussions over the years with different leaders trying to adapt to a new leadership roles. If you are in the same shoes or have been, I wonder if you will also realise that you are having the same issues.

I have heard statements like:

- I wanted to keep the same management style as the predecessor

- I wanted to adapt to the team and lost myself

- Peers are pressuring me to be a tougher leader but it's not me

- I wonder if I was made to be a leader and lead a team

A few weeks ago, while attending the Module 7 of the ACE program, here is a sentence that I loved from David Goldsmith "it's not because you are good at it that you ought to do it"

How are you feeling when you read part of those statements?

- Drained?

- You relate 100%

- Anxiety?

- nausea?

- frustration?

- relieved?

Honestly I have heard so many of those stories, guys, you gotta change something so you feel better in your job! and it's okay to change that one thing that will make you happier in the long run.

My statement is: "If you enjoy it, do it YOUR way, if you don't, walk away" and that is what I have said to everyone that comes to me as a New Manager or Leader. You don't have to be in leadersheep and follow what other people have put in place! They are GONE this is YOUR space now!

Is it hard for you to see how you can make a difference, your way, as a leader? Are you trying but doing things wrong?

- You can start working with a career coach to bounce back your thoughts | Make her your thinking partner and get awareness on what approach would work best for you.

- Take the Gallup Assessment and understand your strengths and why another person's leadership style doesn't work for you | drop the leadersheep and be yourself. Authenticity has never looked better :) Trust me!

All of those are services I offer and I would be delighted to help you drop the leadersheep and get on the right leadership. Get honest, real and aware of what makes you, your BEST-SELF.

See you soon?

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