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Executive & Leadership Coaching

"Become the leader your team wants to follow and become"

W​​hen I asked myself what would bring my Executive clients value, I thought about everything that others had mentioned to me in our sessions: "I am not aware of my strengths" or "I don't know how to lead the team", " it drains me to explain how I got to this strategy when I know it will work", " I need help to communicate my ideas with the leadership team, but I am not a great communicator", "I lack confidence" or  "I am unable to say no and my plat is full, meaning I cannot do my day to day" or "I am more of a problem solver than a leader as people come to me only with problems" or " I want to leave my door open to my team so they can grow and when I go home at night, I do my day to day and fight with my partner..."

I heard a lot of "it's lonely at the top", "my boss doesn't have my back", "I have been promoted but have no support at home", and more words like "overwhelmed", "alone", "stressed", "tired", "drained"...

To support you in this important step of your career when you need be straight to the point, shine through your strengths and talent, I decided, on top of being Gallup Certified to get certified with Hogan to help you debrief: 


  • Strengths (more on the matter in a different way)

  • Your Value(s)

  • Your detailers (how do you react when faced with a stressful situation at work, what your behaviour is and perceived by others)


Have you actually read this post mentioning an interesting Harvard Business Review article to create awareness of what isn't working at the top.

With the Executive roles, it is important to stop and pause to quickly react to lots of situations that are all a priority but you cannot let this overtake time in your personal life or more. A lot of my clients at the top have a mentor, a coach and a therapist. I absolutely love the support they have to be more successful and less overwhelmed in their role.


This is what I bring to you in our session

Time to reflect, to assess where you are and adjust the next steps according to your priorities. 


I designed programs that include professional assessments that we will debrief together in order to grow your confidence and awareness and support you in your career. 

  • Gallup Assessment & Hogan Assessment 1 sent to you prior the 1st coaching session and the 2nd depending on your needs, sent in the middle of your program or after our goal setting session(s)

  • Assessment's debrief for 1.5 hour with goals and action steps until the next session

  • Goal setting (we will discuss what success means to you and start drafting a mission statement with what you need to be successful in the coming months).       

"What would success look like to you in 6- 12 months?"

"Let's break it down for more a better understanding of your next steps" 

  • Each sessions will have an outcome to make sure we move forward and action steps at the end to keep you accountable of your progress.

The support I provide to Executives will be a mix of coaching and sometimes mentoring. The lengths of the program will also be longer to make sure that your busy schedule doesn't get in the way of your success while you work on your personal branding and more to get a seat at the bigger table, or whatever else is interesting to you. 

Please get in touch for a free chemistry meeting of 30 minutes so we can discuss your challenges, your current situations and your goals. 

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